Say Goodbye To October!

I've done with my final examinations for 1 week d, and i don't have much to share actually. Is just simple outing and gathering with my loves. I'm doing nothing here, wish to do something more valueble rather than staying at home whole-day-long doing nothing! I don't want to waste my 2 months holiday just like that! I don't want to do the same routine everyday: Wake up, brush my teeth, bath, lunch, watching tv, bath, dinner, watch tv again, then sleep! This is not LIFE!!! I should, NO, I MUST get something done in this 2 months!

P/s: Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen them or the amount of time since you've talked. Is about every moment that you find youself doing something and wishing they were just right beside you!


To Arthur!!!!

Thanks for the exclusive passes from a friend of mine :) Got the chance to experience the hottest happening night with Guinness! Arthur's Day is referred to a series of music events which organised to celebrate the 252th anniversary (if i'm not mistaken) of Guinness brewing company by its owner. The main reason that i'm going is because of Taio Cruz! LOL! Mizz Nina, Solar and etc. were there too! But too bad, we went there late, so we missed quite lot.

We had our class on Friday till 6pm! Yeah, is a Friday and we still have class till 6pm! FML >.< Went to Queen's house to doll-up! And, she drove us there! Haha.. This was the 1st time!!! Met up with Jack and friend then off we go to Speed City,Turf Club! We were quite early when we reached there! So, we decided to have our dinner in McD. This gonna be a pictures post! xD


* The twin-sister!*

* The Queen~!*


Traffic congestion all the way back to Speed City after out dinner! We were 'stuck' for almost 45 mins which we only need 15 mins to reach there. We were so regreted to have that McD! LOL. Never mind, camwhored to kill the time! xD And all those cars beside us kept staring at us! -.- But, we did'nt give a damn! Haha

*The pretty Queen and Moi♥ *



Reached! And I can see there are lotsss of people! we missed Mizz Nina.. We only get to hear it in the car due to traffic congestion :(

* The long-lost- sister!! xDD *

* Do-Re-Mi...I want go grow taller!!!! *

* I should get a 6-inch heels next time!! :( *

* People mountain people sea weh~*

*Are you READY????*

*My besties!*

* Taoi Cruz on the stage! *

* The-end*

*Fireworks right after that! All of us were like'hey, faster take pic weh! xD*

*And finally... a group picture! :)*

My favourite pic of the day! ^^



Books & Pens

Is drizzing out there. Is just a perfect weather to start my revision! Slept around 4:30am yesterday and I woke up at 11am this morning. I found that is not the matter of how long you sleep, is just that how you sleep. Sleep with blank mind, stop thinking when you're sleeping, and defitely you will not feel tired when you woke up! This week gonna be a very busy week! Quiz on Tuesday, lab report to submit on Wednesday and Thursday, Mid-term on Friday! The next week are the due date for 2 assignments! Thank God I've started a lil.  Btw, I think this is the first time I'm spending my weekend in this condo! Staying here during weekends doesnt feel good at all :( Shall stop here! Update after finals? who knows?! Haha

* The specky look! *

*The puffy-look! -.- *

Yours truly,



I'm just wondering if I could update using my IPod. So yea, I'm here now! Since I've started to blog, shall just updates a lil. Short semester has been so hard and busy! Especially when you're a science student! I only take 2 subjects or this short semester but is already killing me! Pimples all over the forehead and I seriously have to go for facial twice a month! Which indirectly cause me so broke now! T.T

I'm having exam staring from next week and till finals. Every week got exams! I really dot know how to schedule my time table! 2 lab reports to be done in every week, 2 assignment which due next week and I haven started a single word! You just drive me carzy! :( Cortisol keep secreting like nobody business! :'(
Shall really push hard now or else I will fail both of the subject><

P/s: 1.Just work hard for another 3 weeks and you are free for 2 months! Keep that in mind!
2.I wonder how to upload photos?? Hmmm


Is 3am now and I'm still here blogging! Holidays gonna end in this week and second semester of degree gonna start in next Monday! Time flies :'( Next semester is a short semester, which is only two months. So, I have another 2 months of holidays after second semester, in November and December! Weeeee ♥ ^^ Plan to work in November and fly to TW in December! Hope everything go smooth :) However, I bet next semester is a tough one because the duration of study is short and things to study is ALOT!!! And I have class on Friday till 630pm! FML >.< I really got no idea how am I going to back my hometown~

Put all those tough things away and start my topic now! Gonna update the KL trip with the boyfie and family :)

1st stop: Mid Valley Chili's for lunch^^

* Ordered lamb shoulder. *

* He's leaving after 3 days T.T *

Since he's craving for snowflake, we went to SS15 for snowflake. There were so many people and we waited for 30mins to order-.- Damn crazy~

2nd stop: Port Klang sea food for dinner! I seriously will not visit to this place anymore! There are so many people and the food is just so so.
* Walking into the restaurant! *

* She's so chubby cute and shy! xD *

* I dont know what they called this but I dont like it >< *

We had lots of dishes but we only snapped two! LOL
Thanks for bringing me with you^^

* Bought this bag for new semester! My favourite colour^^ Thanks mummy *

p/s: Gonna miss you so much! :'( 


Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Just got back from KL and I suddenly have the blogging inspiration! So, yup, I'm here^^ BUT, too bad, I still haven get those pictures and there aint much pic to show cause we went there with his family. And I feel that is kinda shy to take pic! LOL

* Stay tuned for more! xD *

p/s 1: Happy Birthday, Malaysia!
p/s 2: Love the one that are willing to wait for you and not the one that just says loves you without action!


Is all about us! ♥

Hmm... Still thinking where to start off. Okay, I know my blog is dead and I got so many things to blog about but everything are overdue post : ( Blame myself! Shall make blogging a habit. Will think about it~ LOL

Let's talk about my recent life~ I'm having 3 weeks holiday but I only left 1 week now :( He's leaving real soon, next Sunday T.T Time flies!!! We have been sticking together for almost 2 months and what we really did was....watch movie~ Most of the movie we watched and end up we really got nothing much to do. I love spending time with you♥

*Having snowflake on the 5th of July. The first time I saw him when he just got back :)*

*On our way to Time Square for dinner-BBQ plaza*

* Having starbucks in Pavi and a girl approach us and wanna sell us 2 for RM20 Transformer ticket! So, why not? *

A random night, we had champagne in a friend's house
*Learn to smile with braces*

* I4 internal camera is so blurrr.. But I like it! xD*

* Movie night! We ♥ Red! :) *

* Make-up free for more than a week d! *

 Celebrated our 3rd anniversary in KL!
* With 4 of them! LMAO *

* The Apple Gang *

* Snowflakes again! :D *

* 3D movie-Spy Kids! *

* The granny's birthday! *

* And... My 19th birthday! ^^ *

p/s: Our friends would all make fun of us and we'll just laugh along because we know that none of them have felt this way!